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How we build

Our homes are built to exacting specifications. We have UK trained project managers on site every day to ensure that high standards of workmanship are maintained, and in order to meet these standards, we build slowly. Each phase that we build contains no more than 10 houses.

All of the builders on site are employed directly by Chelsea Point, and have to follow strict UK guidelines, not only on the building process, but in Health and Safety requirements too.

The disruption to the residents living in Bernica Park during the building process will be kept to a minimum. Work will not commence before 8am in the morning, and will finish at 6pm sharp.


Building Standards

Chelsea Point has always been committed to building by UK standards, whilst also respecting standards required from local authorities. For Bernica Park, we are following the NHBC guide lines on construction, which any developer in the UK must follow in order to be able to sell a new house or apartment.

These guide lines, which are extremely strict, exist to ensure that the customer is guaranteed a home built to professional standards, complete with a 10 year warranty.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety remains fundamental and an integral part of Chelsea Point Company.

All builders, architects engineers and developers at Bernica Park, are required to wear work uniform and hard hats at all time whilst on site.

Living with our neighbours

Our aim is to bring ground breaking designs and London style living in one of the most beautiful environments of Prishtina, while at the same time incorporating Kosovar values and remarkable hospitability we were shown here. We listen and work with our neighbours in satisfying all the needs of the community, in order to create a lasting structure by laying ground for a better future.

We create working opportunities for the men and the women living in the area, at the same time establishing a closer community and a healthier, better living.

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