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London – Regency Style Homes

Image of Regency House – London


Regency period homes

This period marked a distinct change in Britain, especially in the world of architecture, literature, fashion and culture.

The architect most famous for building Regency London was John Nash. His designs included: The West Wing at Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch, Clarence House (home to the Price of Wales) and the iconic Cumberland Terrace apartments in Regents Park London.

Regency style houses and apartments are considered to be some of the most beautiful and elegant buildings ever designed.

Regency period years?

The era is generally understood to cover the years between the 1800 and 1830, although strictly speaking the term Regency denotes the actual period between the 1811th and 1820.

What is the typical structure of Regency architecture?

Typically built as crescents most Regency properties are two or three storey constructions built in brick with a white painted plaster facade. Grecian columns are a key feature of Regency buildings, as are arched windows and doors. Windows were typically tall and thin, while the front doors were always painted black and were approached by a series of steps.

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